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Sunday & Holidays
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Limestone Medical Aid Unit
1941 Limestone Road
Suite 114
Wilmington, DE 19808



UCCA - Urgent Care Center Accreditation

Exceptional care. No appointment needed.

Receive medical treatment for cuts, flu-like symptoms, coughs, colds, ear/eye problems, minor burns, sprains, strains, minor fractures, insect bites, urinary problems, sports injuries and more. We also offer physicals for work, school and sports.

• Compassionate care by experienced physicians
• Be evaluated & treated in less time than at an ER
• Adult and pediatric services available
• Open 7 days a week and holidays (except Christmas Day)
• Most insurance plans accepted (including traditional Medicaid)
• Affordable services for the uninsured
• We accept most major credit cards, cash and checks
• No appointments or referrals necessary

Limestone Medical Aid Unit, LLC
Earns Accreditation

Congratulations to Limestone Medical Aid Unit, LLC in Wilmington, Delaware for earning Accreditation with the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM). The first in the state to receive this accreditation! Limestone Medical Aid Unit, LLC has a solid caring team who exhibited professionalism and a sense of pride and desire to provide excellent service, value and care.

Accreditation is a voluntary process through which a Center is able to measure the quality of its services and performance against nationally recognized standards. The assurance that healthcare providers and facilities maintain adequate levels of quality is of vital importance to patients. Knowledge of and close adherence to the standards of Accreditation provide assurances that the care provided at a Center is state of the art and that the established policies and procedures ensure exceptional business practices. Accreditation demonstrates the highest level of commitment to providing quality medical care.

The Limestone Medical Aid Unit is not considered an Urgent Care Center as defined by the State of Delaware. Delaware requires a facility licensed as an urgent care center to meet rules and regulations reserved for hospital emergency departments. That is why walk-in clinics located in the State of Delaware use the term Medical Aid Unit instead of urgent care center.

About the AAUCM
The American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM) is the leading society for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners practicing Urgent Care Medicine. The purpose of the AAUCM is to contribute to the field of Urgent Care Medicine in the areas of professional growth, scientific and medical research, and medical education, all to improve the overall quality of medical care. The American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine is working diligently to protect and ensure the future of the specialty of Urgent Care.

The Medical Aid Unit is not a substitute for a hospital emergency department for treatment of severe accidents or life threatening symptoms. If you are experiencing trauma, please dial 911 or visit your local emergency department.


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